STIG NHL Injection Mortar

To fill the cracks in the walls.


  • Sulfate resistant highly fluid mixture for filling gaps in foundations, walls of stone, brick, concrete, historical buildings and in buildings with capillary moisture.


  • Bags 25 kg.

  • 1.3 kg/dm3 cavities to be filled.


It is necessary to seal all the cracks and gaps on the wall from which the mixture could leak out. Drill holes with a diameter of 20-40 mm with a total depth of 2/3 of the wall thickness. The estimated distance between the injectors is 50 cm in all directions. If the wall is thicker than 60 cm, we recommend double-sided drilling holes. In the pre-drilled holes it is necessary to attach injectors designed for wall consolidation. At least 24 hours in advance, it is recommended to inject water through the built-in injectors to saturate the interior of the wall and test the quality of the installed injectors. After 24 hours, it is necessary to start grouting STIG NHL MORTAR FOR INJECTION starting from the holes in the highest position of the wall.


Mix the contents of the bag 25 kg by hand or machine with approximately 4 liters of water, until a homogeneous mass suitable for application is achieved.


The grouting mortar is installed with the help of an electric pump under pressure of up to 1 atm with the ability to control the power on the nozzle. The grouting mortar is injected starting from the lowest mounted tube or injector upwards to expel the air contained in the wall and fill all the voids of the wall. When the injection mortar leaks out of the tube or injector near the injectable one, stop the injection, close the injector used, and continue working from the tube or injector from which the injection mortar leaked. Repeat this process until the grouting mortar leaks out of the highest hole.

When the consolidation process is complete, remove all tubes and injectors and fill the holes with the appropriate mortar from stig's range.


If the contractor notices or suspects an application or aesthetic defect of the product during the installation of the purchased product, he is obliged, in accordance with the behavior of a good businessman, to suspend the installation of the product in order to minimize any damage and without delay send a complaint to the manufacturer, who will process and resolve the complaint as soon as possible.

Complaints addressed to the manufacturer after most or all of the purchased material has been installed cannot be the subject of the complaint nor will the damage thus incurred. Hidden flaws are solved in particular

Useful information

Technical documentation

The safety data sheet and declaration of performance are available upon request.

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