Façade walls

Stages of work:

  • shagging old, dilapidated and damp plaster as well as healthy plaster about 50 cm above the visible damp line on the wall, deepening pairings, washing the surface

  • alignment of the prepared surface of the wall with Stigomal mortar

  • making multi-layer waterproofing on the surface of the wall by applying Stigolite
  • cutting and making a corner (holker) at the junction of the wall-floor on the inside
  • interruption of the flow of capillary moisture above the flooring of the S.K.G.I. by the method of pouring Stigosil
  • plastering the walls from the outside above the juice and on the inside in a classic way (syringe, coarse and fine plaster)
  • washing the complete juice with a high-pressure wasp and hydrophobic protection of stigophobe stone juice in two layers wet in the wet (the stone surface must be visibly dry before applying impregnation)

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