Hydrophobic impregnation of concrete structures, protects against the influence of atmospherics , frost and salt.


  • Protection and prolongation of the service life of new and existing, primarily concrete and reinforced concrete structures (in the construction of bridges, roads, buildings, concrete elements, etc.)

  • Protection of other mineral, porous, high-alkaline and dense surfaces
  • 1 l bottle and plastic buckets of 2 l, 5 l, 10 l and 20 l.

  • Consumption depends on the absorbency and humidity of the substrate, and should be determined by testing on a smaller surface area of the material to be processed. The indicative consumption value is ~0.2m2 (max. 0.8 l/m2)

Useful information

Technical documentation

The safety data sheet and declaration of performance are available upon request.

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